Welcome to VSWD

Welcome to Vehicle Safety and Warning Distribution Limited, affectionately known as VSWD.

Vehicle Safety and Warning Distribution Limited is focused 100% on the supply of visual and audible warning solutions across a number of sectors and markets, working with OEM, OES and the aftermarket, always with those that build and install in mind.

Based in the UK, located in Harrogate North Yorkshire, VSWD supports customers around the globe with a product range that meets local specification, price point, approval requirement and delivery needs.

The key to the VSWD success story is to ensure that the product does what it needs to do, complies with the approvals and regulations it needs to adhere to and delivered as expected in terms of time and cost.

An approved good quality product should not cost the earth. VSWD believes that safety should not come at a premium. The VSWD product range is continually reviewed and developed to ensure that it offers as many features and benefits as possible and aims to make the installation of the product as quick and easy as possible.

This website provides an introduction to VSWD but with more than 5000 products available, simply gives an insight in to the key product focus.  Always contact VSWD to discuss your build, your fleet, your customers and VSWD will do what it can to help.