What is Class 2?

As a business, much of the lighting that we market and supply is tested and certified to the UN ECE R65 standard. This relates specifically to the characteristics for warning lights on road going vehicles.


Increasingly we are being asked about Class 2 and understanding the difference.


The majority of amber product in the market right now is approved to ECE R65 Class 1 which means that the light has one level of intensity. When we look at Class 2, it means that the light has two levels of intensity, effectively a day / night solution.


Traditionally, Class 2 has been a requirement of the red and blue market, emergency service vehicles and has been the “must have” standard in Europe for some time. Whilst Class 2 is not a formal requirement for most applications in the UK, customers are becoming aware of the Class 2 and seeing a demand for it.


We have strobes, mini bars, corner modules with Class 2 in the current offering and will have two new light bar ranges in the next months that will also include this additional certification.

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